Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Tips! (I'm here to help)

This has nothing to do with Sirloin! On today's Tips let's talk about washing fruit and or vegetables. Are you (like me?) the type of person who buys spinach that says "Pre-Washed. No need to wash" and thinking it is some kind of government conspiracy furiously washes it like 3 times? DON"T do that.

 If you don't wash vegetables and fruits that have been saturated with pesticides you will never get crabs. Seriously I kid you not. It's like jumping up and down after you have sex to avoid getting pregnant. A hooker with a fridge full of unwashed vegetables don't need no RID.

 That is your Tuesday Tip. Remember..I'm here to help.

Next Time on Tuesday Tips: Superbowl. Football game? Or Clark Kent's toilet?

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